Loco-Power SVA-20

Loco-Power SVA-20 is an advanced DC power pack that features a digital speedometer, voltmeter and ammeter. The back emf of the trains motor is measured and used to calculate the speed. This allows the scale speed of the train to be displayed and updated continuously as it travels around your layout.



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SpeedTrak II


SpeedTrak II is a speedometer designed to measure the speed of a N or HO gauge model train in scale MPH. SpeedTrak II can be used to automatically calibrate the SVA-20 Power Pack.


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Scale Speed

Scale Speed is a remote display that will connect to the Loco-Power SVA-20 power pack and display the scale speed. The display has a large LED readout for good visibility and can be wall mounted.


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The founder of Toth Electronics, LLC., Robert Toth, has been an Electrical Engineer for over 30 years. His primary focus in the last 20 + years has been in the electrostatic finishing industry. He has dabbled in the model train industry, in product development, for quite some time, as his father was an avid model train enthusiast.

In 1995, our original SpeedTrak speedometer was designed and developed and customized by Robert for his father. His friends loved the product and that is when Robert decided to begin building them right at home.

Beyond the products shown above, we also offer repair and calibration services. For more information, please contact us via email or phone, information provided below.