Loco-Power SVA-20 is an advanced DC power pack that features a digital speedometer, voltmeter and ammeter. The back emf of the trains motor is measured and used to calculate the speed. This allows the scale speed of the train to be displayed and updated continuously as it travels around your layout.

The output of Loco-Power is pure DC, which is generatated with a switch mode converter for efficiency, and can provide up to 15 VDC at 1.5 amps.  If the current limit is exceeded an overload warning light will go on.

The speed calibration can be performed manually or the SpeedTrak II speedometer can be used for automatic speed calibration. The calibration of up to 99 trains can be stored in memory.

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SpeedTrak II is a speedometer designed to measure the speed of a model train scale MPH. Either N-gauge or HO-gauge can be measured via a selector switch. The speedometer is simply placed over the tracks so the train passes between the box and the reflector.

SpeedTrak II will display the speed of the train instantly after the second sensor detects the train. The direction of travel through the speedometer is unimportant, it will work either way. The speed will be displayed for approximately 7 seconds and then go blank to conserve battery life. If the train takes longer than 7 seconds to pass through the speedometer the unit will not reset until after the last car. A new measurement is not made until the next train comes through.

SpeedTrak II can be connected to a computer with an optional RS232 adaptor.

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Scale Speed is a remote display that will show the speed from the SVA-20 power pack via a RS232 signal using the cable provided.  The display features large LED numbers for easy visibility.

The power to the display is provided by a 5 VDC power adapter.

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